Royal Academy of Art, London Cert. R.A.S.
University of London B.A. Honors
Harrow College of Art - Foundation

Royal Academy of Art - Gold Medal
William Turner Traveling Scholarship
Edward Landseer Prize
David Murray Prize
Eric Kennington Prize for Drawing
Armitage Award
Edward Stott Scholarship
1998 - Illustration Society of America
Solo Shows

2012 - OK Harris Gallery, New York
2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 - Art Obsession Gallery, Tokyo
2005 - Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York
2004 - Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago
2004 - Alysia Duckler Gallery, Portland Oregon
2003 - Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York
2001 - Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York
2001 - Alysia Duckler Gallery. Portland Oregon
2000 - Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York
1998 - Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York

Group Shows
2012 - present CJR Gallery
2007 - present The Old Print Shop, New York
2008 - Michael Ingbar Gallery, New York
2003 - Albermarle Gallery, London
2004 - Miranda Gallery, Aspen Colorado
1978 - 1980 Royal Academy of Art Summer Show, London.

2014 - present. The School of Visual Arts, New York
2006 - present. Art Students League of New York
1994 - Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
1989 - Academy of Design
1979 - 1983 Harrow College of Art
The Museum of The City Of New York
The New York Stock Exchange
The London City Council
Texas Tech University Public Art Collection
Collection Of The San-In Godo Bank, Japan
The National Gallery of Art of Zimbabwe
The Baronet, Sir James Walker Collection
Sir Freddy Laker
John Bookout, (C.E.O. Shell Oil)
Richard Furlaud, (Chairman of Squib)
Frank Bennack, (C.E.O. Hearst Corp)
Matsushige Mita, (President Hitachi Corp)
J.W.Michaels, (Editor, Forbes Magazine)
Abraham Art Collection, Texas
Gettinger Art Collection, New York
Yamaguchi Collection. Tokyo,
Ivan Karp Collection,
David O. Russell collection
2012 - Featured Artist in the Art Magazine: Carrier Pigeon
2013 - Documentary Feature Film: Brillo Box (3 Cents Off). Written and Directed by Lisanne Skyler for PBS.
2012 - Contributing Author ( Perspective): The Visual Language of Drawing; Lessons In The Art Of Seeing.
            Crown Press and the Art Students League
2011 - Utrecht Artist of the Month
2005 - Interview: Art Interview Magazine
2002 - Broadcast: National Geographic Special: Water towers of New York
2002 - New York Times: Art In Soho 2002
2001 - Feature Article: The Oregonian Alex Zwarenstein: Partisan of the Perpendicular
1989 - New American Painters
1984 -1988 Forbes Magazine Cover Artist
1981 - Book: The Materials and Techniques of Painting,(with Brian Liddel).
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